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Educational Toys
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This is a a fun, supervised place for kids to play while their parents enjoy on site group fitness classes.

Limited spots available. 

Must pre-register to guarantee your child’s spot at least 24 hours in advanced and cancellations must be received within 2 hours of class to avoid charges.

Drop-in’s available based on availability. 

Open Monday - Friday during group fitness classes. Saturdays & Sundays are based on availability.

Daily Fees $4 per hour/child

Punchcard Options $30 for 10 punches ($3 per hour)

NEW! VIP Fitkids Membership.

Monthly fee $25 includes 2 children ($5 additional child) unlimited childcare during classes!

Before you drop off -

  • Reserve your spot 24 hours in advanced to ensure staffing availability

  • Should you need to cancel a reserved spot please due so at least 2 hours prior to avoid fees

  • Drop offs are only available on first come first serve basis if and only if Fit Kids is staffed - to avoid being turned away, reserve your spot in advance.

  • Child must be in a clean diaper or has used the restroom prior

  • Child is well fed/nursed

  • All personal items are labeled with Child's name

Our Policy -

  • Clothing : For your child’s safety shoes and socks are to be worn at all times. Winter items and shoes may be stored in a designated area.

  • Crying : For the comfort of all participants, we will page a parent/ guardian if attempts to calm a crying child are unsuccessful for 5 minutes. Once notified, the parent/guardian must check the child out of Fit Kids at that time.

  • Food & Drink : For safety reasons (including but not limited to food allergies), there is no food or drinks allowed in Fit Kids. Please make sure your child arrives well fed.

  • Illness : Children showing signs of illness will not be allowed in the Child Center. A child must be symptom-free for 24 hours in order to return. If your child has a communicable illness or head lice, please notify the Child Center staff immediately so appropriate action can be taken.

  • Diapers : Please ensure that all children arrive in dry, clean diapers. Staff does not change diapers. We will contact you if we require your assistance in changing your child.

  • Restroom : Our staff does not leave the Fit Kids Center when children are present. For that reason, we will not able to accompany your child to the restroom and for safety reason they can not go unattended. We will contact you if your child requires use of restroom.

  • Toy : We have many toys, books, and crafts to discover and explore in Fit Kids. Please leave personal toys at home; they could get lost or broken and often cause conflict. If the toy is a needed comfort item, please label it and take special care to remember it when you leave.

Our Child Attendance Policy

Ages 6+

If your child is old enough to occupy themselves during class and you wish for them to stay in Group Fitness Center please read policy below before bring child(ren) to class.


The most important thing is to ensure that your child (children) are safe if they are inside the building during a class. To do this our policies are the following:

1) If a child (children) is/are in the fitness area during a class, they must stay in the designated "Kids Corner" at the back of the fitness area for the entire duration of the class. Please bring along device with headphones or toy to play with during class time.


If you have any questions or issues with space, parents please ask the instructor where would be best for your child to stay for the class. They will let you know where to have your child stay. 

2) Children cannot move from the designated spot the entire time they are in the fitness area. They cannot be in the workout area whatsoever, at any time that a class is going on or in transition. 

3) If a child gets up, needs to go to the bathroom, is in need of something, the parent is responsible for immediately stopping their workout and responding to the child. 

4) Parents must take the workout space that is closest to their child. If the workout has running, or a particular part where the parent would leave the building, the parent must stay in the building (modify indoors) instead. The parent must be able to be near the child at all times. The child may not run with the parent. 

5) If a child is yelling, crying, etc. the parent must go over to the child immediately

6) Children MAY NOT touch, use, or play on ANY equipment, at any time unless: 1) Participating in child friendly Class with permission from instructor or 2) Specifically being trained by a trainer/instructor. 

Failure to adhere to these policies will lead to the child (children) not being allowed to return to Functional Fitness. 

Failure to adhere to these policies can lead to Functional Fitness insurance breaches and complications.

Thank you for your cooperation. 

Question? Email us and we'll be happy to help. 

Reservations must be made 24 hrs in advance to ensure proper staffing. 

To reserve a spot in Fit Kids please call or text.

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