Lauren's Transformation

How it started… how its going!


You may recognize this inspirational woman, it’s our very own WERQ instructor, Lauren.


Lauren’s weight loss journey started in February 2021 (left photo) to date she has lost 82 lbs!



82 pounds in less than a year?! What’s your secret?

"I get asked that question all the time. The secret is…. there is no secret!!! There is no magic pill, shake, patch, sticker, powder or whatever meal supplement someone is selling you that will give you what you need. Eat as clean as you can and exercise. It’s really that simple - what’s hard is making the decision to do it and then sticking with it. Realize you’re not on a diet! Diets come and go and are not sustainable. You are making (I know… cliche..but it’s 100% accurate) a lifestyle change. People try to tell you to take all these things because they will give you the vitamins, minerals and nutrients you need. Food - real, clean food made from food NOT CHEMICALS gives your body what it needs. Food fuels the body to give you energy - you then use that energy to be active and exercise. I am also asked all the time if I am exhausted - I have never felt so good in my life! I am not exhausted - in fact it’s quite the opposite. A body in motion stays in motion. I am living proof of this!


I started this journey to win a challenge. I don’t usually like to play unless I’m going to win so I made the commitment to myself that I was going to give this 100% of my efforts. Needless to say I won and the results were great - but because I learned how to live a healthy lifestyle I continue to shed inches and pounds. Do I eat perfectly? I try to do the best I can but NO I am not perfect / I don’t give up if I indulge here and there. A treat every once in while won’t reverse my efforts. I’ve put so much work into achieving my goals that one cookie for example won’t ruin that. I know where the healthy balance is for me.


When I was just teaching my cardio dance class (WERQ) I wasn’t seeing results because your body needs balance in exercise as well! It needs more than just cardio; it needs strength training - you need to build the muscle to burn the fat.


The combination of my new relationship with food, my renewed love of exercise and an environment of encouragement and knowledge has brought me where I am. The instructors and trainers at Functional Fitness have the knowledge you need to see results. I am forever grateful for everyone at Functional who has been there for me, to encourage me and help me continue to achieve my goals. I want to set an example for my kids and I want to show people that THEY CAN! Look at where I started less than a year ago. Make the decision - decide to show up for your health and yourself! My family and I have been through a lot this year; & many people would have just given up on their goal and themselves but I used it to fuel my success. I don’t make excuses - because my health is my priority. I absolutely love this fit family and can’t wait to crush my next goal! "


Lauren's key's to weight loss success:

•Personal Training with Amanda 2 days a week

•Instructs WERQ, group fitness class 2 days a week

•Attends daily Functional Fitness group classes (sometimes two a day!)


When not at Functional Fitness:

•She lives an active lifestyle, owns her own busy that keeps her on the move all day long.

•Stays hydrated, lots of water throughout day.

•Mindful eating, eats to nourish! No diets or fades.

Follow along with Lauren's Transformation Journey! We will be updating in February at her year anniversary.


In the meantime, you can find her at Functional Fitness for WERQ classes every Thursday at 5:00pm and Biweekly Saturdays mornings at 9:00am


Start (February 2021)

4 months (June 2021)

8 months (October 2021)