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Personal Training

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(L) Amanda Cummins, (R) Lindsey Klemp, (C) Lauren Mueller

Certified Trainers

NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified trainers. Private 30-60 minute sessions tailored to your specific needs and goals. Sessions are appointments only. Our trainers are experienced working with all people and age groups. We have trained clients recovering from injuries, clients with different abilities and all age groups (5 years - 105 years)

Fitness for all!

Training in Our Center

Our Training Center is individualized, personalized and private one-on-one training. If you are just starting out with an exercise program or you aren't seeing results with your current routine, our trainers can help.


People work with trainers for many reasons. Whether you want to develop an individualized program to support weight loss goals, get in shape, or simply feel that you'd benefit from the additional accountability, our trainers can be a great resource.


Wherever you are on your exercise journey, our personal trainers can offer support, tips, and training as you work to reach your fitness and weight loss goals. 


Virtual Training

Virtual training allows the flexibility to work out anywhere and anytime! Working out at home isn’t any less valuable than working out in our center.

We customize workouts to accommodate equipment you already have at home or no equipment at all! Our programs are tailored to your goals, your abilities and your schedule. 

We have clients working towards their goals all over the country!

Small Group Training

Small group training consists of one trainer working with a group of clients. Group training still allows trainer to give proper attention to each participant’s safety, form, and alignment.

It’s no secret that small group training is considered a more cost-effective way for people to experience the benefits of working with a fitness professional.


However, in addition to not breaking the bank, small group training has been shown to increase camaraderie, accountability, and success for individuals in the group. When individuals exercise in a group, they establish relationships and make friends, which helps to increase adherence to the program.

Don't have a small group? Join one of our bimonthly small groups & work towards your goals!


Benefits of Personal Training


If you have been exercising consistently for several weeks or months and aren't hitting your goals, let us help! Our trainers will evaluate your current program and help you get the results you want.


Our trainers have experience working with people of all kinds. We create a program that works on the areas you need without risking new or re-injury.  Clients with chronic health conditions (arthritis, heart disease or diabetes), mental/physical disabilities or women who are pregnant / want to become pregnant. Our trainers are certified to oversee your training and maintaining your safety.


Want to start a new lifestyle but not sure where to start? It's easy to get overwhelmed when you first start out on your fitness journey. Our trainers will help with the basics and complete a program that is right. We will maximize your time and put together a tailored program for your goals.


Personal trainers can be instrumental in training for upcoming sport or events. Our trainers will help you avoid injury, fatigue and overuse. Conditioning schedules will allow your body to get the most of your training while aiding in recovery.


Even experienced exercisers can benefit from personal training! Our trainers can offer you a fresh perspective and challenge you with new ideas or equipment. It's easy to fall into a workout rut, our trainers are experienced with adjusting programs to break burnouts and plateaus.


Trainers provide more than just workout programs. Our trainers will be alongside of you to guide you during every part of your training. Trainers help motivate you to stay on track towards your short and long term goals. Personal trainers not only supervise training but we support you in your fitness journey.

Hear From Our Clients

"Functional Fitness has helped me in my recovery from several knee injuries.  I was in a place where I was not doing the right exercises nor getting the support I needed to strengthen my knees again.  We started small and simple building my strength back up the right way.  Not only are my knees as solid as they were before my injuries, my training at Functional Fitness has helped me in my daily job duties as a first responder.  I am so appreciative of the time these ladies have dedicated to me and my training."


"I am a Texas resident and I virtually train with Amanda on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6AM. I have a little gym with enough equipment for Amanda TO MAKE ME WORK! She has given me the confidence to get in the gym and use weights.She is always prepared with her notes for the exercises she is going to make me do for that session. She really motivates me to keep going even after I believe I've done enough sets. She is a sweet soul but don't get it twisted because you will break a sweat and she has no mercy!


“I have always considered myself an athlete.  I competed at a very high level at an earlier stage of my life and continued into my 30s and 40s.   I never used a personal trainer when I was competing and always felt that no one knew me or could push me as hard as I could push myself.   I was recently presented the opportunity to train under Amanda at Functional Fitness.  I was very surprised at how well she was able to identify my level of abilities, zero in on my weak areas and develop a plan to challenge me.   I can easily say that Amanda completely changed my opinion on the value of a good trainer.   I feel she knows exactly how hard to push me and when to back off.   It is not just about putting some exercises together, she took the time to learn my strengths and more importantly identify my weakness.   I ate some humble pie but that’s OK because she can help me lose that weight.”


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