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Welcome to Functional Fitness


Our mission is to make fitness fun and accessible to everyone at any fitness level.

Functional Fitness is a place where you can come and have a sense of belonging no matter what else is going on in your life. We strive to provide a safe, comfortable and encouraging environment to help you achieve your fitness goals. Come have fun with us and enjoy the process! 

We believe that fitness is for everyone, no matter your abilities, financial situation or fitness level. We meet you where you are and walk this journey along side of you. 


We are
a family!

I opened Functional Fitness with the intention of helping people. The mission is to be different than a gym — more personal.  It's important to me to offer our community something that considers mental health and nutrition, as well as strength. Overall health is not about a number on a scale — so many people put their worth on that stupid number! I want to show a different way by highlighting all of the aspects of *healthy* not just *skinny.*

People matter — I want all people to know they have a place here at Functional Fitness. We are not a facility, we are family​!



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