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Meet Our Staff


  • Owner/Operator

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • COACH: Small Group, Biggest Loser

  • INSTRUCTOR:​ Kick, IKYA, Boot Camp

  • Adaptive Needs Specialist

  • American Heart Association CPR/AED Certified

I'm a mother to five kids, ages 15 - 2 year old. I fell in love with fitness because I enjoyed how I felt after a workout. I started with running then got into strength training. I love it all! People would ask me "What are you training for? My response always is, "I'm training for the 83 year old me!" I really want to keep going even at 83 years so I'm training my body for that now.


I've been a fitness instructor since 2013 and a personal trainer since 2018. I love fitness but most of all I love watching people do things they never thought they could! I have a passion for helping people and enjoy watching them succeed!​



  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • COACH: Small Group, Biggest Loser

  • INSTRUCTOR:​ Boot Camp

  • B.S Exercise Science/Concentration in Fitness Management

  • Adaptive Needs Specialist

  • American Heart Association CPR/AED Certified

Lindsey became involved in fitness during high school when she began to make a change in her own life by working out and playing sports. She realized then how good it felt to live a healthier lifestyle. Lindsey fell in love with exercise science when she went to college and knew this was what she wanted to do in life. Lindsey specializes in teaching women how to strength train, but enjoys working with people of all ages and fitness levels. Lindsey's biggest goal with her clients is to show how to make exercise a part of their lifestyle and to enjoy it along the way. 



  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • COACH: Small Group, Biggest Loser

  • INSTRUCTOR:​ Boot Camp, BARRE Intensity®, Strength & Toning, WERQ®

  • Red Cross CPR/AED Certified

I’ve been with Functional Fitness since February of 2021 and have been on quite the fitness journey there! I’ve shed 100 lbs. & I feel the best I ever have! I started dancing at the age of 8 in a classical ballet studio and had the opportunity to train with the Milwaukee Ballet. I took a break from dancing to start our family and got back into it through WERQ. I enjoy learning new platforms for movement and dance and am excited to continue to learn and grow within the fitness community.



  • INSTRUCTOR:​ Pound®, Zumba® Chair, Strong Nation®, Chiseled

I have three kids and seven grandkids. I'm from San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico and bilingual in Spanish and English. I live in Delavan currently. I have been a Zumba® instructor since 2015 and I absolutely love teaching classes. The reason is simple: Every class feels like a party! I guarantee you will have a blast! Have any questions? Don't hesitate to drop me a message! First class at Functional Fitness is always free.



  • INSTRUCTOR:​ Jazzercize®, WERQ®, Body Sculpting

I've worked in the fitness industry since 1995, primarily teaching Jazzercise. I've recently become WERQ certified and also have experience as an ACE certified personal trainer, working with small groups. After I turned 50, I taught myself how to swim and trained and competed in Sprint Triathlons...just for fun!


My decision, as a mother of three young children, to lose the "baby weight" led me to Jazzercise and was life changing. From teaching classes in church basements and rec centers to opening three fitness studios, my journey in the fitness industry has been extremely rewarding. Teaching classes and motivating others to be their best is still what I love to do! I feel blessed to be a part of the Functional Fitness family.


Hi, I'm Katie! l am a level 5 certified yoga instructor and Reiki Master. It is my passion to assist people on their journey to self. Through postures and breath work, I am able to assist people to get out of their heads and into their bodies. I want to keep you moving long into your later years with a high quality of life. My yoga instructor journey began in 2019 after practicing consistently for a year prior. I have been teaching vinyasa (flow) style yoga since 2022. In addition to Vinyasa, I also teach Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Thai energy.


Yin is a slower style yoga where we hold certain postures for longer periods of time. This allows us to really get into the connective tissues allowing for a deeper release.


Yoga Nidra is a deeply relaxing practice that allows the participant to stay in Savasana for 45 minutes, with the use of comfort items, as they are guided through a meditation. This practice assists with anxiety, insomnia, and leaves you feeling deeply relaxed and rested.


Thai energy is a one-on-one practice where I assist you in moving energy throughout the body. The participant simply relaxes as I assist in stretching their body.


Come flow with me or join for any of my pop-up specialty offerings. Namaste!



  • Polestar Pilates

  • Mat & Apparatus Pilates

  • Pilates for Neurological Conditions

  • Rock Steady Boxing (Parkinson’s)

  • Brain Speed (Trent McIntyre)

We are excited to add Terri to our team! Bio to come.



  • INSTRUCTOR: Tight 'n Tone

  • Bachelors in Kinesiology and Health Promotion

  • Holistic Nutrition Health Coach Certified

  • NASM Personal Trainer

  • Certified in Biomechanic Method and Corrective Exercise

  • Certified Sports Nutrition

  • Certified NASM Virtual Coach

  • Certified OTA Online Personal Trainer

  • Certified AFFA Group Exercise Instructor

  • Certified AAAI-ISMA Yoga Instructor

  • Certified Reiki 1

  • Certified Essential Oil Specialist

  • Certified AFFA Yoga Essentials

  • Certified AFFA Multiple Group Training

  • Certified AFFA Prehab vs. Rehab

  • Certified Silver Sneakers Yoga Instructor

  • Certified AADP Holistic Health Practitioner

  • Certified CPR/AED/First Aid

Most people know me as the "Energizer Bunny" or "Mrs. Sunshine." Some hobbies I like to do on my free time are mountain biking, trials, yoga, weightlifting, and running. I also enjoy traveling with my husband Pat; we always make an adventure out of everything that we do.


Health and wellness is a big part of my life because it has changed mine. I am a very outgoing individual that loves to live life to its fullest. I also have the most rewarding job in the world. When I can help people live a healthier life, it makes for a happy day. “If you get chance, take it! If it changes your life, let it!


Sensei Milanko

  • INSTRUCTOR:​ Karate

Sensei Milanko has over 40 years of martial arts experience including competition and instruction.Sensei Milanko has over 40 years of martial arts experience including competition and instruction.



  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

  • NCP Figure Competitor 

  • INSTRUCTOR: Sculpt 

I have four children, ages 2, 5, 11 and 14 and have been a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor since 2017.  For me, fitness is the perfect outlet for stress relief as a busy parent and to live an active lifestyle.


I became involved in fitness back in college when I received a gym membership as a Christmas present from my Mom and I was hooked!


Although strength training is my FAVORITE, I have worked with an array of client goals, from weight loss and sports conditioning to geriatric fitness. I want fitness to be second nature and most importantly, fun!


We only get one body — treat it like a temple.



Hi, I’m Courtney! I am a Family Nurse Practitioner who has been working in the area for over 10 years. I started a beauty and wellness company to make going to the doctor easy.


I welcome visits from anyone six weeks or older for school physicals, wellness exam, acute illness (such as cough or sore throat), acute injury (such as stitches). I offer services for medical weight loss, which combines prescription medications and vitamins. I provide skin care, such as Botox™, Chemical peels and facials.


What makes me different is that I provide concierge services. I will meet you at your home, office, or any semi-private location to save you time. I do not take insurance, therefore, I can give you the best price available. For more information, please check out my business at

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